Cypress Crossings Christian Church ispartners with many local, national, and international missionaries and Christian organizations. Learn more about our supported ministries below.


Cru at LSU is a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ. We’re no ordinary club. We’re a network of students and staff on thousands of college campuses in the US and around the world. A spiritual movement empowering students to embrace Christ personally, experience Christ together and extend Christ to others, so that everyone at LSU knows someone who truly follows Jesus.


The purpose of Tanglewood Christian Camp is twofold. TWCC primary purpose is to promote and conduct Christian education and benevolent activities, to operate a camp in which meetings are held, to instruct in Christian ideals and principles of faith and practice, to further the restoration of New Testament Christianity, its doctrine, its ordinances, its program and plea and its fruits and practice with the Bible as the only divine authority.


Jim and Teri Riley along with their children are currently ministering on the North Coast of Honduras and the capital city of Tegucigalpia.  Jim and Teri are involved in local bible studies  as well as Mission Conferences. Their second church plant, in Tegucigalpia, is a wonderful success and God is being praised. They bought and remodeled a building there and are in the process of building a new retreat center/family home, they wish to thank all who contributed to God's work.


Stadia’s mission is to plant churches that intentionally care for children – and we won’t stop until every child has a church!



C4 believes in providing assistance to our youth members who are choosing to go to a Bible College or Christian University for ministry.  For more information please talk with our Youth Minister